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White Collar


Ficlet series:
Kindergarten AU AO3
kid!Neal, kid!Peter, kid!Mozzie and kid!Diana are in Miss Elizabeth's kindergarten class.
Title: Snack Time
Title: Play Time
Title: Craft Time

Title: Contagious (G)
Summary: Peter visits Mozzie after the events of "Point Blank".
Link: DW AO3

Title: Summertime (G)
Summary: Neal finds a way to enjoy the summer heat. Peter has no choice but to go along.
Link: DW AO3


Title: Experiences in two by two
Summary: She’dnever been in a relationship with a man who’s still in love with not one, but two other people, but nothing about this was ever normal so, it’s just one more thing to take in stride. Peter/Elizabeth/Neal/Sara
Link: DW AO3

Title: Bonded by Touch (PG)
Summary: Neal notices that Peter acts differently around him than he does anyone else, but has trouble admitting it.
Link: DW AO3

Title: In Need of Warmth (NC-17)
Summary: "There will definitely be problems to face. But we’ll beat them." Peter/Elizabeth/Neal
Link: DW AO3

Title: Oh Baby, Do You Wanna Dance (PG)
Summary: The perfect ending to a nice dinner with good friends and maybe a little too much wine is some nice slow dancing. Peter/Elizabeth/Neal
Link: DW AO3

Title: Pillow Pals (PG)
Summary: Neal is too tired, physically and mentally, to lie. Peter/Elizabeth/Neal
Link: DW AO3

Title: Coffee Shop of Love (PG)
Summary: Peter’s voice is only slightly louder than a whisper as he continues. “I think I have fallen in love. With Neal. But I still love you, I do. I just seem to love him too. I don’t know what to do.” Peter/Elizabeth/Neal
Link: DW AO3

Title: Sweet Rewards (PG)
Summary: Elizabeth uses of a sugary incentive to get to the truth. Peter/Elizabeth/Neal
Link: DW AO3

Title: More Than You Know (PG-13)
Summary: Elizabeth decides that something needs to be done. Set after the events of “Point Blank”. Peter/Elizabeth/Neal
Link: DW AO3

Title: Sweat (PG-13)
Summary: An alternate version to what happened when Peter went to Neal's apartment after playing basketball. Peter/Neal.
Link: DW AO3

Established Relationship:

Title: Good morning to you, Mr. Octopus. (G)
Summary: Peter is on painkillers and it makes for an awkward night sleeping in bed.
Link: DW AO3

Title: Lessons in Pleasure (NC-17)
Summary: Elizabeth has a few things she needs to tell Neal.
Link: DW AO3

Title: Peter’s Nudie Dance (NC-17)
Summary: A slashy possible ending to episode "Forging Bonds". They spend the  entire night drinking and sharing secrets. What did you think would happen? Peter/Neal
Link: DW AO3

Title: Beautiful (NC-17)
Summary: Peter is not as classically good looking as Neal, but that doesn't mean he isn't gorgeous. Peter is doubtful, so Neal teaches him otherwise. Peter/Neal
Link: DW AO3

Title: Love Drawings (PG-13)
Summary: Peter tries his hand at making a piece of art. Peter/Elizabeth/Neal
Link: DW AO3

Title: Grounded (G)
Summary: "When was the last time you felt the earth beneath your feet, Neal? Not concrete just your toes and the ground below? Peter/Neal
Link: DW AO3

Title: Tickle Me SIlly (G)
Summary: Before he could say “Honey, I’m home” Elizabeth held the can in her hand and pointed it at Peter. Without hesitation, she hit the button that shot pink silly string across the room and landed on his jacket and shirt.
Link: DW AO3

Title: The Joys of Rainy Days and Dogs Named Satchmo (PG)
Summary: Just another walk with Satchmo. Peter/Elizabeth/Neal
Link: DW AO3

Title: Not the Intended Use (But who cares?) (NC-17)
Summary: Peter and Elizabeth visit Neal while he is sculpting and make a mess of things. See fic header for warnings. Peter/Elizabeth/Neal
Link: DW AO3

Title: The Company We Keep (PG-13)
Summary: Lassiter meets some friends of Shawn and they give him a new perspective on things. White Collar/Psych Crossover
Link: DW AO3


Title: You Put the Magic in Me (Hard PG-13)
Summary: Matt and Tim (Friendship only), Matt Bomer has a strange and
interesting situation to deal with. He asks his find Zach Quinto for
help. Absolute pure Crack.
Link:DW AO3

Title: Alfredo (NC-17)
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Chris and Zach give each other BJs in a giant pool filled with pasta. Yes you read that right.
Link: DW AO3
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